Custom Firmware Problem with Polycom VVX310

Polycom had already released 5.3.0 firmware

Since we are experiencing quite a few issues with our VVX310’s we wanted to upgrade the firmware so we used the custom feature in the EPM to add 5.3 to Slot 2 (previously using 5.2) We uploaded the firmware and updated a single extension. After the update the phone GUI interface was not working and available, the IP address was always unreachable. The phone worked fine and the phone status showed the phone had been upgraded but the GUI is non functional… not sure what we did but if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate the advise.

Here’s what we did:

  1. Downloaded and extracted Polycom_UC_Software_5_3_0_rts37_release_sig_split
  2. Created 0.00 in Slot 2
  3. Uploaded all the files in the image to the Polycom/2 directory
  4. Assigned that extension to firmware slot 2 rebuilt the template and rebooted

how did you load the firmware? we have seen instances where loading new firmware disables the gui. just add the config parameter into the file to turn it back on and reboot the phone usually fixes it.

Thanks again BK… We did the firmware via FTP update through FreePBX EPM… I’m betting your right that the web interface is disabled… After searching more with your guidance I found reference to this string to enable it but not sure what config file to add it in but I’m searching :smile:


you can put in any of the three files just don’t put it in the mac.cfg file. the phone should load the mac-ext.cfg, mac-features.cfg as well as mac-sip-interop.cfg. once the interface is enabled you can rebuild the config for that phone and the epm will overwrite the files and you should be good to go