Custom extensions that use TDM400p don't timeout

I have an issue with custom extensions set to dial external numbers defined like
[email protected] or zap/g0/XXXXXXX in the dial definition that do not obey time outs set in queues or follow me.
It seems that once the call is dialed to the destination number it keeps ringing regardless of whether the timeout should have been reached or not.
I remember in the old amportal there was an extension time out for voicemail in the setup… it worked.

For example I have a queue setup with an agent time out of 10 seconds and a retry of 5 seconds. Once my cellphone is dialed it stays connected well past 10 seconds until my cell phone voice mail answers.

Is there a work around/fix for this?

This is not JUST the TDM400, it’s any that I can see. I have a TDM400 in one FreePBX system and the single ports of different manufacturers in my home FreePBX system. Same problem. I’m with you, I would love to get this working.