Custom extensions not being used by dialplan

Hi everyone, I’m struggling to understand why my extensions_custom.conf apparently isn’t being used by the dialplan.

My pbx is working fine with a E1 PRI, call are routed through from-digital context that includes from-pstn. this one includes from-pstn-custom that I’ve created into extensions_custom.conf, with only a single line:

exten => s,1,Goto(otrsCompanyCheckCID-custom,s,1)

It basically should launch an agi script that is inside another context in the same file and read some value from a db. The thing that is driving me crazy is that from-pstn-custom is NEVER invoked during a call and I can’t understand why.

I remember it used to work, now I’m on FreePBX 13 with Asterisk 11 and it doesn’t seem to read from extensions_custom.conf anymore. Should I use some module like Misc Applications or something like that?

Calls arrive at your PBX with extension set to the DID. When you use an extension of s it will only catch incoming calls with no DID defined.

edit - I strongly recommend against ever using from-pstn-custom for this or any other purpose.

Thanks a lot, I completely forgot that I had to use the DID instead of ‘s’ in a case like this.

It works perfectly

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