Custom extension not receiving caller name from phonebook

hello may i ask you please
i have a few sip extensions in a queue that are ringing when someone calls our shop

the problem is that the sip extensions do not show up the caller’s name that is stored in the asterisk phonebook however if noone answers the active voicemail of the one extension succesfully sends an email with both the caller’s name and number.

here is the debug of “Caller ID Superfecta” when testing a phone number:

Test a phone number against the selected sources.
Phone Number:?
Test all CID schemes?
Debug Level:
Debug is on and set at level 3
The Original Number: 2134550030
The Scheme: Default
SPAM Destination:
is CLI: false
Debugging Enabled, will not stop after first result.
Scheme Variables:

[order] => 1
[Curl_Timeout] => 3
[SPAM_Text] => SPAM
[sources] => Asterisk_Phonebook
[spam_interceptor] => N
[spam_destination] =>
[Prefix_URL] =>
[processor] => superfecta_multi.php
[multifecta_timeout] => 1.5
[SPAM_Text_Substitute] => N
[DID] =>
[CID_rules] =>
[SPAM_threshold] => 3

Trunk Variables:

[channel] => NA
[language] => NA
[type] => NA
[uniqueid] => 199143291
[callerid] => 2134550030
[calleridname] => unknown
[did] =>
[context] => from-superfecta

Multifecta Parent ID:3202
Spawning child 3269:Asterisk_Phonebook
Parent took 0.0031 seconds to spawn children.
Multifecta Timeout reached. Taking first child with a CNAM result.
Debug From Child-3269-Asterisk_Phonebook:

Searching Asterisk Phonebook …
Returned Result was: panikou
Execution time: 0.0006 seconds.

Parent waited 1.5135 seconds for children’s results.
Winning CNAM child source 3269:Asterisk_Phonebook, with: panikou
Post CID retrieval processing.
Returned Result would be: panikou
result took 1.5681 seconds.

Do you have any idea of what to change?Thank you

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