Custom Extension / Custom Technology Missing

I’m currently running FreePBX 13.0.1RC1.30 and in a much older version of FreePBX I could create a ‘Custom Extension’ and use the ‘Extension Uses Custom Technology’ box to put in an outbound SIP trunk (SIP/[email protected]). Basically when that extension was dialed it would just automatically forward to the sip trunk.

However I can’t seem to find that same functionality now. Is that gone or am I missing something?

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maybe, you should check the Custom Extensions and Custom Destinations Module. you have to enable the modules by admin.

I did look at those, but I don’t see how that would accomplish the same thing. Basically I need to have a static agent in a queue for the stats to log correctly. I tried putting the dial pattern for the SIP trunk in as the agent - and that worked, but it didn’t record any stats. So I thought I would revert back to the way I did it on the previous version of FreePBX.

It’s still there, just looks a bit different. Create a “Custom Extension”, locate the ‘Advanced’ tab and note the field marked ‘dial’

Thank you very much Lorne!


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Hello there, I know it is an old thread. I use FREEPBX 13 in device and user mode. I no longer see the advanced tab for a custom extension and I have the same need for configuring an outbound call to a SIP URI. Is there an workaround?