Custom extension also possible by user interface?

Hi Guru’s,

So on this moment I have a call-file that I put in the outgoing folder and Asterisk then makes a call for me. I’m doing that by this call file:

MaxRetries: 2
RetryTime: 900
WaitTime: 30
Context: from-internal-custom
Extension: 16031
Priority: 1
Archive: Yes

And I have a piece of code configured in the extensions_custom.conf:
include => deb-reminder

exten => 16031, 1, Wait(3)
exten => 16031, n, Playback(X)
exten => 16031, n, Wait(1)
exten => 16031, n, Playback(X)
exten => 16031, n, Wait(1)
exten => 16031, n, Playback(X)
exten => 16031, n, Wait(1)
exten => 16031, n, Playback(X)
exten => 16031, n, Wait(1)
exten => 16031, n, Hangup

Now I would like to remove the code in the extensions_custom.conf file and do it all trough the user interface of FreePBX.
I already created an extension 16031 and in that extension I see the possibility to set an announcement.
Only how can I hangup the call from the extension?

Instead of a Custom Extension, create a Misc Application that routes to your Announcement, which in turn routes to Terminate Call: Hangup.

As @Stewart1 says use a Misc App which you can get with from-internal,xxxx,1

Misc App -> Announcement1 -> Announcement2 -> Terminate Call (Hangup)

Also when dialing outbound, you might prefer to use your outbound routes by using channel Local/[email protected] instead of using the trunk sip channel.

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Thanks for your reply, but what if I have 2 trunks and I want to call from a specific one?

The conventional way of doing this is with a dial prefix that forces a specific outbound route.

Whilst I found the new requirement confusing, I think the OP was actually asking about making the message conditional based on the inbound route. They’d been using a custom context, and wanted to reproduce the ability of that to make handling dependent on the source.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean.

Well I fixed this by creating like you guys suggested a Misc application with extension number 1234. Then in the call file I do an extension: 1234 with context: from-internal. I merged all the sounds together to 1 announcement and after that terminate the call. In the call file I still do the $trunk so I have the possibility to control what trunk will be used. Because I do not understand the outbound rules and how to apply them on this. Thanks for you help!

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