Custom endpoint, delaying answer

I have a custom endpoint which plays pre-recorded information on receipt of an external call.

The calls come to a specific inbound route, which points at a custom application which plays different audio based on the caller ID.

The custom application works well but a number of callers have complained that the service answers the call too quickly. They are expecting to hear a ring or two before the audio starts, and by the time they have the phone to their ear the audio is playing.

Is there a way I can delay the answer so that they hear the phone ringing before it answers? Or would it be easier just to start the call by playing a simulated ring tone?

There’s an option in the inbound route to define a pause in seconds before answer.

Thank you @lgaetz - that does exactly what I was trying to achieve. So amazingly simple once pointed out.

I have to say that the answers to posts on this forum (my own and many others) have been so incredibly helpful in putting this solution together - such a great community.

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