Custom disa

What would be custom disa to get caller id as authorization to dial disa? lets say I want to place my cell number and that based on that caller id it should let me in disa and I should get dial tone to make a call.

I used that code in custom extensions

exten => _9114567867,1,Answer
exten => _9114567867,2,DigitTimeout(5)
exten => _9114567867,3,ResponseTimeout(10)
exten => _9114567867,5,DISA(no-password|from-internal)

Simply it does not work. I have three beeps and hang up. We use T1 so there should not be any issue with calling cell to disa. Did anyone do that?

Any advice?

Thank You.

I have figured it out

thank you all

can you share your finding ?