Custom dial plans (Neiwbe)

I am really new to this so i am sorry if its a stupid question,
what i want is that i have for example 2 buildings that each one have 5 offices
i also want the users to have same numbers
Office 1 - number 1
Office 2 - number 2

Office 1 - number 1
Office 2 - number 2

if office 1 on building2 dial 2 it should call office 2 in building2
and if office 1 on building1 dial 2 it should call office 2 in building1

is this possible?

Use one instance of FreePBX for each office and an intra-company trunk between them, if you need to call between buildings.

Doing this with one FreePBX involves multi-tenant operation, which is something that FreePBX doesn’t support, although raw Asterisk does.

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Please explain your application. If these are unrelated organizations, you could (for example) run two instances of FreePBX in VMs on the same server, or use a competing system such as FusionPBX.

If these are branch offices of the same company, for example the result of a merger or acquisition, I recommend re-numbering so each associate has a unique number.

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Sorry my late reply guys yes a multi tenant PBX is what I want and like you said I will try fusion PBX

thank you very much !!

VitalPBX might be worth checking out too.

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