Custom dial plan with EPM

We run are a Internet Service Provider, We also have a small telephone company that I have transitioned over to VOIP. Our calls are switched through a FreePBX server out to a few Occam BLCs that provide the loop to the customers house. We also use Cisco ATA devices that are auto provisioned by the FreePBX server. Our network covers several LATAs and 2 area codes.

I currently use two dial plans for my Cisco Devices.




What i am currently doing is when i set up a new ATA I go in and edit the dial-plan.xml for that devices and place the 337 or the 985 dial plan into the .xml then change the premissions on the file so that asterisk can not over wright the file. This is a bit cumbersome and as causes grief when techs take an ATA from one side the parish to the other. They end up calling me and saying i cant get 7 digit dialing to work. Its a quick fix but I would like to automate it.

I would like to have a option in the EPM to place a dial plan into the .xml config. That way i can have one template for the 337 area code and one for the 985 area code.

Is there a feature request form that I can fill out to have this added?

Are you using the commercial EPM? If so, you just need two EPM templates, one for each dial plan and assign extensions accordingly.

Yes I have the commercial EPM, I have not found a way to set values in the .xml without manually editing the .xml

May be I am missing something!

Would you be so kind to key me in on how to make this work.