Custom Device Hints


I’m sorry if this question has been asked many times.
I’m trying to set up a FreePBX 12 system (great work by the way!)

A feature we are using a lot is the use of BLF buttons to set up a follow me.
However, in Freepbx 12 I cannot find the “custom device hints” setting.
When i do Core show hints I don’t see any of theh ints I need.
(FollowMe, Join queue)

Is there any ay to activate this? Or am I just looking over it.

Some additional info: when i chack amportal.conf there is also no USEDEVSTATE=TRUE (or FALSE)
Is it possible to add this option anywhere? I know I can’t put it in amportal.conf, but is ther another location to do adaptations?


What version of Asterisk?

The version of asterisk is the following:

Asterisk (Ver. 12.4.0)

USEDEVSTATE is no longer a valid option it is ignored. All of the hints are enabled by default. If you think this is a bug please report it to the bug tracker

And that setting is actually always set to true

Thanks, that is good to know! At this moment I’m not certain it is a bug, thah is why I wanted to ask here first.

However, the BLF buttons don’t seem to be working for the following items:

  1. FollowMe: When I do Core Show Hints there are no hints generated for the FollowMe function. In previous version i would get hints like: *21(extention number). These are no longer being generated.

  2. Queue toggle: these hints are being generated, however they don’t change the led collor. When pushing this button I log in and out of the queue as it should.

3) The hint for the call flow module isn’t generated as well.

Does anyone else have this problem?


EDIT2: Looking up a bit more on this topic, it does seem that DEVSTATE is in fact turned off for some reason. I’ll post a bug report on this.