Custom Destinations have disappeared in Freepbx 12

Asterisk 13 Freepbx 12 on Debian 8

My custom destinations still seem to be working, but “none” of the dozen
or so that I have created show up on the Custom Destinations page!

Several days ago I truncated the Kvstore database because it was so
large I was getting errors. Is is possible I deleted some of the data
that was provided to the Custom Destinations module?

How can I restore this information? I am afraid to add a new destination,
fearing it will delete the currently working, but now NOT shown, destinations.

Thank you,
Gene in Virginia

What had to be done was to re-enter all the custom destinations again, after they were found to be missing. Everything continued to work in their absence, (since they were there before), but now they do appear as options again if you need to change a destination.

You should be able to just re-link them through the GUI. Assuming you made the changes in the -custom and -override config files, everything should be where you left it.