Custom Destinations Can not delete

Hi I have a system installed as elastix and need to add a call centre package from tikal.

The instructions from tikal say add a custom destination ( ext-queues-custom,‘queuenum’,1 ) using the free-pbx interface included in elastix.

We added two destinations this was fine, the problem then was that we wanted to rename one of the destinations that then required we delete one destination.

The delete function does not seem to work (version FreePBX)

If I use tools --> custom destinations --> select a custom destination I wish to delete then click delete then nothing happens.

How can I remove these redundant custom destinations.

If I try to add a similar destination It does not allow this and

Says DUPLICATE Destination: This destination is in use or potentially used by another module.

I would expect if I click the custom destination it should fill the add custom Destination form with the details of the custom destination and then allow me to edit this or delete, however it does not populate the form with the details of the custom destination I select, or allow deletion.

Thanks for any help

Hi I am back in the office now and have a test server configured similar to the clients live server and I set up a custom destination. This saved OK now when I try to edit it I get

SELECT extension, descr, dest FROM queues_config WHERE dest in (‘ext-queues-custom,‘queuenum’,14’) ORDER BY extension [nativecode=1064 ** You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘queuenum’,14’) ORDER BY extension’ at line 1]SQL -
SELECT extension, descr, dest FROM queues_config WHERE dest in (‘ext-queues-custom,‘queuenum’,14’) ORDER BY extension

This is different to what I have on the live server, but it shows I am probably doing something wrong.

What I was doing wrong was this

Where I entered the custom destination as

ext-queues-custom,‘queuenum’,1 for say queue number 1

I should have been entering the following


The problem with free PBX is that it let me put something silly in and then does not let me remove it.

Where does free PBX store the custom destination information so I can remove it?

Type mysql -uasteriskuser -pamp109 in a shell, if you have changed the password from the default, use that instead.

Type use asterisk; in the mysql prompt.
The destinations can be viewed by select * from custom_destinations;