Custom Destination for Paging Pro

In custom_extensions.conf I have created a custom context and extension and I want the extension to show as a destination for PagingPro.

The only way I have found to do that is to create an “custom device” extension in the Extensions module and then in it’s dial setting, tell it to dial “local/[email protected]

Is there another way?

Misc destination???

Mr. Nagy, (thanks for answering!)

If “Misc Destination” created a destination that showed in PagingPro, I would not have a question to post.
Thanks, but it doesn’t work that way.

However, the docs you reference do say, “A misc destination is used to add a custom call target that can be used by any PBX module” - but that statement is not completely true. :kissing:

Paging Pro doesn’t let you choose any destination (voicemail, custom destinations, misc destinations, etc.) as destinations for the paging groups - it only strictly allows you to add an “extension”, not necessarily a “destination”.

In order to get a custom destination in PagingPro, I have to create a regular (custom device) extension and set it to “dial” the destination that isn’t strictly an extension. In my opinion, this is a bit convoluted - to create an extension for an extension, and it is more of a workaround than a solution.


Apparently, this is the workaround that others use too.