Custom Design

I am looking to have something custom made for freepbx or asterisk. would anyone have any insight on who would be able to do the things below.

We are looking to have something made that checks ring groups extensions. So basically if there are 4 extensions in ring group 600 and any one of those 4 extensions are busy it would go to the next ring and follow the same process until it found a ring group where no extensions are in use.

Hi Josh,

I think you need to look at “agents” or “dynamic members” in queues. A ring group isn’t really the correct way of handling your situation. You’ll notice that ring groups provide a very limited number of options compared to a queue. There’s no need for any “custom design” as your subject suggests - I hope that you have a look at how queues work - they will provide you with everything you want to do without any unnecessary “customisation”.