Custom Contexts

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been all over Google and tried every setting possible but perhaps there is someone out there (or another solution) to solve my issues.

Currently, I am running FreePBX with Asterisk using AsteriskNOW.

I have 13 extensions between 3 tenants. Each tenant has a inbound and outbound trunk for incoming and outgoing configured with Vitelity.

I am using three outbound routes for each of the tenants. They are using the dial patterns 911, NXXNXXXXXX and NXXXXXX. I set the “Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes” to the outbound trunk setup for that tenant.

I am using Custom Contexts v2.8.0rc1.1 for two of the companies. Each of their extensions are using contexts setup to deny all except ENTIRE Basic Internal Dialplan, from-internal-additional, outrt-4, outbound-allroutes and lastly, “allow” is enabled for the outbound route I want that extension to use.

No matter how many combination of settings I try, the calls either don’t ring out or use the first outbound route setup.

I’m a bit pressed for time as the first quarter is around the corner and I’m not fond with being stuck with the outbound call cost (per minute), but I gotta keep the clients happy.

I’m reaching out to the forums of awesome community members for some support. If you know of another module for FreePBX that will do the same thing (working!), I’m all ears.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll poke around a bit more and see what I can find. I’m going to look into the professional support and see if they can help nail this down.

The module does work, you need to still have routes for each tenant and restrict them from each others route. This means every tenant must have a unique dialing prefix.

The system is not designed for true multi-tenant so everything should be considered a work around.

If you are as pressed as you indicated for time you may consider purchasing support from the FreePBX team. This will expedite your services and help support this project, a win for everyone.