Custom Contexts module and extensions_custom.conf

Hi everybody,

I want to use the Custom-Contexts module and the contexts that I write in the extensions_custom.conf file.

In previous versions of FreePBX, when I was editing the config of the Extensions, I could set the context manually, in the context field, or to select a context created with the Custom-Contexts module.

In the FreePBX 2.8, and I don’t know it if in FreePBX 2.7 too, I only can select between the contexts created with Custom-Contexs module.

There are any way to use both, the contexts that I have created with Custom-Contexts module and the contexts that I put in the extensions_custom.conf file?

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It’s two different fields. The drop box populates the context field.

I’m afraid that this were in previous versions of FreePBX but in the FreePBX 2.8 there is only one drop box field.

Another idea?

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I am looking at a 2.9 box, it has a drop box and a data box.

I am confused.

I have:

  • FreePBX
  • FreePBX
  • FreePBX
  • FreePBX

And all have only a drop box field called Custom Context, and not have any field called Context.

I am confused too.

I don’t know what happen.

Is there someone that help us?

Best regards

I believe the new custom context module will only give you drop down fields where it will populate the context field (hidden when that module is installed)

If you know a little PHP, you can hack the module so that it wont “bother” the extensions page… :), then reinstall it with your hack…

Hi sanjayws,

I have been looking the the install.php page of the custom contexts module and I don’t view where hidden the Context field.

Can you help me to solve this problem?

Best regards

Hi, before proceeding, please backup!

Please also, test this in your own test environment. This “hack” below, will disabled the hiding of the custom context form element, therefore, showing you both custom context pull-down and type-able box. IMPORTANT: I’ve NOT TESTED THIS ENOUGH.

Look inside the customcontext folder, open up
Look for the js script being called like below…

$js = ‘’;

Just comment both the js parts…

Hi sanjayws,

Even with the module installed, I have edited the “…/admin/modules/customcontexts/” file and I have commented the lines in both funtions:

  • In “function customcontexts_devices_configpageload()”:

// $js = ‘’;

  • In “function customcontexts_extensions_configpageload()”:

// $js = ‘’;

I have reloaded the FreePBX, I have gone to the Extensions and “Eureka”, now yes, now appear the two fields.

sanjayws, thank you very, very much…