Custom Context


I’m a former Trixbox user. Had a box loaded with Trixbox that has been working great for the last 3-4 years then started acting flaky so I reformated using the FreePBX 2.7 ISO. Upgraded everything to 2.8 and then started configuring.

I have one server that is handling phone calls for three different locations, so I use the Custom Context module (2.8.0rc1.1) to display the proper CallerID on outbound calls (and to make sure 911 calls would show the proper address).

Since the upgrade to 2.8, the Custom Context doesn’t seem to be grabbing the proper outbound route. No matter which Custom Context I set, the calls are still coming out only one outbound route.

Anyone have any hints on what I should be looking for?


Thanks Philippe!

I went thru and removed the Custom Context from all my extensions and used the CallerID on the outbound routes and that is working well.

Thats one problem solved and two to go.

Thanks again,

you will have to recheck your custom context configuration, something clearly didn’t migrate properly.

If using 2.8 though, you can also do what you are doing without Custom Context using the CallerID (basically the extension numbers) in your routing rules.

If the extensions are ‘grouped’ this is relatively easy as you can use patterns in that field.