Custom Context

I have just setup a machine with Asterisk 1.4 and FreePBX 2.5.1
Things are working well in my testing. I am trying to configure standard 10 digit dialing, but I want specific extensions to go through specific trunks.
I managed to do this with setting the outbound route with a 7+number for one trunk and 9+number for another. Then manually configure the phone to add the prefix to the call. I really don’t like this.

Some people were talking about CustomContext, but there is talk about it being compatible with new versions of asterisk and freepbx.

Is there something new? Does CustomContext work with current releases?


It still works on the installations I’ve upgraded.

I downloaded the tarball and copied it to the modules folder. From FreePBX->Modules, I ran the setup. It installed fine.

I do believe that this functionality should be built into FreePBX. ie. in the extension and selection for what trunk to use.

Now, I have 4 IAX trunks. If I want entension 200 to use Trunk #2, How would I do it? I didn’t find the instructions very clear.