Custom Context, using unofficial Custom Context Module

I am trying to create a Custom Context using the unofficial Custom Context Module. What I need to do is restrict access to long distance for a single extension.

This all seems fairly cut and dry, except every time I do this it effects every extension.

We have two trunks and I am only trying to restrict use of one.

I have name this outbound-allroutes (didn’t work), as well as just some descriptive type name with the same results. I suspect it could be in my naming of the contexts, presently called “custom-long-distance”.

Here are the settings within the custom context.

I have allowed "Entire Basic Internal Dialplan"
Allowed "All Outbound Routes"
Denied the specific trunk on which I want to restrict in “Outbound Routes”

I have not set anything it the “Failover Destination” or “Feature Code Failover Destination”

When I use these setting, at this present time, it has no effect on anything. When I named it “outbound -allroutes” it effects every extension.


Custom Context Module is not tested with version 2.4. Nevertheless It is working quite well with version 2.3, with a few small problems.

If you want to use it in a production system, i advise you to stay at FreePBX version and never use it in version 2.4

Custom context is quite an old module and has never received service since a long time, except a few patches recently added to try to be able to run it with version 2.4. According to the FreePBX headquarters, The next FreePBX version should have “Dial Contexts” in it, who should solve your problem in a few monthes.

I think that many peoples was using this module, and that we’ll see more and more complain messages about it since version 2.4 is out.

Before version 2.4 i had upgraded to the latest FreePBX version on production systems, so i was able to test FreePBX in a real world. But because of the Custom Context compatibility problem, i can’t upgrade those systems. :=(

So i’ve just setup a single test system with FreePBX 2.4, to stay informed about his evolution, waiting for the next 2.5 version so that i can upgrade.

It is not a real mess, as version 2.4 did not add important things for experienced users. But i think that this version has a lot of cleaning and is a real progress for beginners, as it is more difficult to create not working diaplans (duplicate extensions number are checked in all modules).

Last, do not forget to Donate to the project if you want to get Dial Context sooner in version 2.5 !!! The FreePBX team members do like donations :=)