Custom Context PJSIP extension not working


I’m using the FreePBX distro10.13.66-6 with all the latest updates and I used the Custom Context module for years. After I installed the latest versions I created new extensions with pjsip channel. When I have this pjsip extension, I can select the custom context on Other tab, but after saving and applying it does not change at all.

Is this the expected behavior (because pjsip is different from chan_sip) or could be a bug on custom context module?

Thanks in advance

Custom Contexts is not currently compatibly with FreePBX 13.

Thanks for the quick response. I have another server that is running FreePBX 13, but it was migrated from older versions. And I have custom contexts working fine.

This server where I found the issue, is a new fresh install from latest stable ISO. I did some tests, if I create a chan_sip extension and try to use the custom context, it works fine.

That’s why I was wondering if there some particularity on pjsip.

custom context is no longer supported but there is no bug since it’s working fine on all the FreePBX versions it was created for. We have been using it for a long time as well but if you are running FreePBX distro10.13.66-6 it’s probably time to move on. pjsip channels didn’t even exist when custom context was written.

Try the commercial module “extension routing”. It does about the same thing and is in some ways much more powerful. It’s not expensive and definitely worth a shot. We love it.