Custom context on SIP trunk not working with FreePBX 2.9

I am setting up a new FreePBX 2.9 system to migrate my existing FreePBX 2.7 system to. Both were installed from the Disto, if that matters.

My system’s sole purpose is to route calls from a Nortel BCM to Microsoft Exchange and Lync - it has no extensions, just a couple of custom dial plans - this is all working fine in FreePBX 2.7 but in FreePBX 2.9 the custom context configured on the SIP trunk doesn’t seem to work and I get this error:

Call from ‘UK-CBG’ ( to extension ‘886822’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-uk-cbg’.

The system is configured with a SIP trunk from the Nortel system, here are the Peer details:


And a custom context in extensions_custom.conf:

exten => 886822,1,Answer
exten => 886822,n,NoOp("Boo")
exten => 886822,n,Hangup()

(I have simplified the dial plan for testing/troubleshooting).

Testing the dialplan at the CLI looks OK:

asxemea-uk*CLI> dialplan show [email protected]
[ Context 'from-uk-cbg' created by 'pbx_config' ]
  '886822' =>       1. Answer()                                   [pbx_config]
                    2. NoOp("Boo")                                [pbx_config]
                    3. Hangup()                                   [pbx_config]

-= 1 extension (3 priorities) in 1 context. =-

But whenever I try to make a call from the Nortel system to the extension 886822 I get the error shown above.

I’m at a loss why this isn’t working - it works fine in FreePBX 2.7 / Asterisk 1.6, but not in FreePBX 2.9 / Asterisk 1.8. I guess I’m missing some piece of configuration, but I can’t figure out what.

I am not using the Custom Contexts module.

Any help much appreciated.

  • Ben

Solved my issue. Using SIP debug I could see that the SIP URI included extra text behind a semi-colon. I added legacy_useroption_parsing=yes to sip_general_custom.conf and the problem went away.

  • Ben