Custom Context on FreePBX 15 Not Working

Good morning.

I am trying to use the Custom Context Module (v on our FreePBX (v to restrict some extensions from making outbound and internal calls. I want it to be strictly an emergency phone for 911 dialing.

I created a Custom Context “EmergencyOnly” wherein I allowed only “EMERGENCY” on Outbound Routes, while the rest of the parameters were set to deny. Then I headed over to the “Advanced” tab of one of our extensions to change its Custom Context from “ALLOW ALL (Default)” to the “EmergencyOnly” context I created.

I clicked “Submit” and “Apply Config”. However, after doing so, the extension’s Custom Context returned to “ALLOW ALL (Default)”.

Can anyone please let me know how to make this set-up work? Thank you.

FreePBX 15 has support for custom contexts without that module.
Here is an example I use at a site.

Which reminds me, this needs updated to allow 911 dialing.

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