Custom Context Module & Aastra Vmail

I’m getting nowhere with this one so I figure I’ll ask those who know better :slight_smile:

Using the Custom Context Module with Distro 1.810.210.57-1

When putting an Aastra extension in a custom context [line-5-only] (where only a couple outbound routes are disabled) I see the following from the CLI after attempting to play a message via the Aastra XML button:

Call from ‘250’ ( to extension ‘vmail’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘line-5-only’.

Yup the XML scripts are all coded with everything being from-internal not anything being custom.

Any idea on what I could stick in extensions_custom.conf to get this to work? Should be able to create a context called [line-5-only-custom] with the includes required for vmail, no?

You can try that but I think you will have other problems. The XMLs are all written for everything to be from-internal.

Aha, entry in extensions_custom.conf seemed to do the trick:

include => aastra-vm
include => aastra-vm2
include => aastra-login
include => aastra-logout

Only time will tell but I know you need to include other items but without digging through all the code I am not 100% sure off the top of my head what all has to be included.

So far, so good. I stole those includes from the extensions_aastra.conf file under [from-internal-additional].

Now we can play messages, record greetings, etc. with no issues.