Custom Context and Follow Me

I’m new to using the custom contexts, I think it’s a great tool. But I am curious about how it works with follow-me. Here’s a setup that didn’t work on Trixbox, not so updated freepbx, I’m now attempting to install and configure elastix.

Most users = from-internal
family member at other locatio = from-family

from-family context restricts the other family member to their own outgoing trunk which they pay for the minutes on.

If they set up follow-me, will the latest freepbx and customcontext use their context for the outgoing call, in turn making the outgoing call on their own trunk? Or like trixbox, will it use the from-internal to make the outgoing call?

The only way I could find around this in trixbox was to make the follow-me number (to their cell) add an extra digit in the beginning and to set a seperate outbound rout to match that string and strip the extra digit, which would then use their own trunk for the outgoing call.

So in short, is follow-me compatible with custom contexts? Or could it be made to be compatible in the future?


you’ll have the same problem.

you are affectively trying to do a form of multi-tenant with custom context and FreePBX is not architected for multi-tenant.

The follow-me is going to hit from-intenral.