Custom context 0.3.7 BUG ? Problem with BLF after custom context is used

After installing FreePBX custom context module 0.3.7 on FreePBX 2.7.02 watch buddy function on Polycom phones stopped working (tested on 670 and 601 model with SIP 3.1.2)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. on polycom phone create contact-> name: park71, number: 71 and set “watch buddy” enabled.
    I’m assuming first parking lot is 71
    This will display status of that parking lot.
  2. create custom context called "no-outside-calls"
    set dial rules to : XX, XXX, XXXX
    allow everything
  3. apply this context to extension.
    after few minutes (or after rebooting polycom) phone with custom context will change icon to speeddial…

How this can be fixed ?