Custom CID

Hi everybody!

I am using FreePBX 2.11 on top of Asterisk 11.7.0
Everything works as expected except of sending a Custom CID (in detail adding the extension number for outgoing calls). When i asked my provider, they said that this is possible and sent me a short configuration example for asterisk 1.4

extension.conf ;--- Outbound --- SIPAddHeader("P-Preferred-Identity: ") Dial(SIP/[email protected])

After some search I found out that “SIPAddHeader” can not be set by FreePBX GUI. Up to now I only configured the PBX with the GUI but now I have to edit files manually but I do not understand the Asterisk syntax in detail.

Currently Outbound CID (users), Route CID and Outbound CID (trunk) are blank.

Maybe someone could help me.

Wenn changing in trunk, outgoing-settings, peer details the field


by adding an extension number for example 35 to


my outgoing CID is send with this extension number