'Custom App' from IVR

In freepbx 2.3 and earlier, you used to be able to create an IVR option which links to a ‘Custom App’, where ‘Custom App’ could be ‘custom-AppName,s,1’.

This is no longer available!

I have some dial plan code in extensions_custom.conf that I want an IVR option to route too.

How do I now do this in FreePBX 2.4.X

Thanks everyone :o)

register it in the Custom Apps Registry, under the tools bar. You may have to download that new module. Then it will be available as a destination to use.

Yes, I kind of liked the old way it worked myself. But I’m glad it still can be done. I like to have my own custom dial plan code available as a extension not just a IVR option. But thats just me.

It would be great if there was a simple way to assign an numerical extension to custom destinations. I made a comment about this before: