Custom announcement for incoming call to extension


Is there any way to add custom announcement for every incoming call that passes IVR and goes directly to extension not ring group or queue? Right now I have IVR with options to dial ring groups (1 for group 100, 2 for group 200 etc) or direct extension dial. I need to have custom recorded message saying “To assure best service, quality control and educational training of our employees, this conversation may be recorded.” before connecting each incoming call after caller chose destination. It’s not a problem for ring group using Announcement option but what about direct dial to any extension? And I don’t want to have this announcement for internal calls nor outgoing calls. Thanks for any suggestion.

Send the inbound call to your announcement and then to the IVR?

I need to have this announcement be played after IVR messages but before connecting call to ring group or extension. So every caller hears regular IVR menu first and if he chose some option or direct extension he hears custom announcement before connecting. Right now it works like that for ring groups but not for extensions.

Anyone? And I got another one. How can I add announcement (“Please wait while I connect your call”) before connecting every outgoing call that goes through DAHDI trunk?