Custom AGI script to work with all the dialplan

Hi Guys,

I need to work a way around to add my own php agi script to interact with whole dialplan.

How can I add this script.

Add the AGI script reference to a custom context.
Make sure the custom context gets called at the right time.
Add the AGI script itself to the system’s AGI directory.

Without more explanation of what you want to do, that’s about all I can offer.

Ok Cynjut let me explain you little bit more.

Actually I want to integrate my custom CRM with my FreePBX server via AMI AGI.

so how do I do that?

What I said before is still the right sequence:

  1. Write a script that interfaces with your CRM system.
  2. Write a custom context that calls the interface program from 1).
  3. Add the custom context to an appropriate context from your dial-plan.

There are lots of ways to start, but the simplest would be to get the source code for one of the TigerCRM Asterisk interfaces and use that as a starting point. In addition to getting a framework in which you can operate, you’ll also get code you can use as an example.

So I have done this by using AMI.

Thanks cynjut for your help.

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