Current documentation for Contacts Manager?

The wiki page is all I can seem to find and it’s talking about things that make no sense when I look at my install.

It refers to a built in “internal” group, for instance, which is something I need but there’s nothing like that in the UCP. Is the documentation referring to an older, (possibly more useful) version, or is something wrong with my install?

Running Asterisk 13.4.0 FreePBX 12.0.74

Admin menu, “Contact Manager”, ignore beta message… add a group of type ‘contact manager’ and boom, all the phones get an internal directory.
Simple really!
I’d seen that module but ignored it due to the beta warning, but it looks like it’s the only way to make it work.
Now that I’ve played with it a little but, it seems perfect, exactly what I needed, so that’s good!

solved :smile: