Current asterisk version in Asterisk Info differs from in mysql

Yesterday I completed an upgrade from Asterisk 12.4.0 over to 13.0.95 using the PBX Upgrader module. It seems to work okay with only a few minor issues and the only remaining major issue being OSS Endpoint Manager not showing me the Advanced Settings or Package Manager GUIs (another topic).

I’m just wondering though, my framework module says 13.0.95, but when I go to Reports -> Asterisk Info it says Current Asterisk Version: 12.4.0 still. Should I be concerned? Just cosmetic?

asterisk version in mysql also says 13.0.95 and it’s letting me upgrade to all of the version 13 modules.


FreePBX 13 supports asterisk 10+

The reported version in Asterisk info is the “running version” restart asterisk.

That didn’t resolve the problem. I wasn’t using the official FreePBX distro or AsteriskNOW at the time and now I’ve migrated my backup over to FreePBX Distro with all matching version numbers. Thankfully no problems I couldn’t fix on my own with the migration and now the current asterisk version says 13.7.1. Guessing that’s the latest version that FreePBX Distro should be on, so I guess this is resolved then. :slightly_smiling:

Asterisk version and freepbx version don’t have to match. They actually may never match. You can run asterisk 11,12 or 13 on freepbx 13. Any version of those