Curl event when a recording is performed

I’m trying to call an url when a user presses a given button in IVR

At this time I edited “/etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf”

and I put a call to CURL

include => play-system-recording-custom
exten => 1.1, Answer
exten => 1, n, Playback (custom / call-to-conference)
exten => 1, n, hangup

exten => 10.1, Answer
exten => 10, n, Playback (custom / thank-on-call)
exten => 10, n, curl (http: //localhost/ergotel/invmail.php)
exten => 10, n, hangup

But it does not work anymore if the configuration from the gui is obviously lost

How can I do it to work?

Use extensions_custom.conf. extensions_additional.conf will be nuked on reload.