Curiosity: Audio calls vs DDNS with dynamic external IP

So i’m using freepbx with:
Router with NAT: Yes

So, everything went well, until one day, teh calls stoped with audio! No audio on calls! Register was fine, outside and inside of network. But no audio call. I’m using noip ddns and voip software register well with ddns with no problems at al…unless audio, from that day.
I’ve spent many hours trying to find the real problem of audio calls. Changed router settings, port fowarding, etc.

In the next day went to sip settings on freepbx and tried to see what could it be the audio problem. Suddenly, I changed the NAT settings on external addresse to my external IP, and audio worked.

So, if we set external address to DDNS domain, audio will not work.
But if we make “Detect Network Settings” it will be placed, the external domain. And audio works fine. Without a problem.
Then again, if external ip gets renewed, I have to get this “detect network settings” again, otherwise, it will loose audio calls again.

Shouldn’t this be working with ddns to work with dynamic ip?
Is there any way to workaround this minor problem?


will help.

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