CUCM 12 with FreePBX Paging

New to FreePBX, but I have the paging system working great with IP based overhead speakers. I have a Cisco phone system, running CUCM 12.5, we have a SIP trunk directly connected to FreePBX with paging extensions assigned. That all works fantastic. What I want to know is it possible to use this paging system to also page over the phones? Or would I need Informacast for that and if so, can I make it one single user experience to page both? Thought I would reach out to this group before I spent hours seeing what Google has to say about this topic.

I’m going to say that this sounds perfectly reasonable, but that I have no idea how you’d approach it. The question is “how do I connect the CUCM to the Paging server so that pages from FreePBX go out to those extensions.”

Paging is feature, so the next bit is to set up the phones so you can reach them. That, I’m pretty sure, is going to require some CUCM glue that we probably don’t have on this (the FreePBX User) side of the conversation.

If you have a notional idea how you’d want this to happen, we can help you get FreePBX to do it, but the CUCM part is, for the most part, a black box for us.

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