Crosstalk/Packet Loss

I wonder if anyone can provide suggestions for me. I’m running on Freepbx, with Asterisk 11.18.0 and am having some audio issues. Everything was fine until about a week ago. I started having complaints of audio dropping, and this weekend I started having complaints of hold music breaking in to the middle of calls.

I was focused on trying to identify lost packets until I heard about the possible cross talk. Now, I’m thinking I may have more of a cross talk issue and not the packet loss.

I receive about 15,000 calls/day, and the issue is intermittent. Because of the volume and inconsistency I’m not sure the best approach for researching. It’s tricky to use logs with this much call volume.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Can’t believe I left this out …

I run 2 difference carriers on 2 physically separate 100Mb trunks. It is happening on inbound/outbound calls on both trunks. No proxy.

I’m using Yealink T41P phones.

G711 across the board.