Equipment: Trixbox (latest stable) on a Linux server.
Aastra 9133i IP Phone

I have a calling group with 12 extentions fielding calls from 8 lines in a trunk. When a call comes in, every extention rings at the same time. The “winner” is the person who picks up the phone to answer the call. Two things happen with this installation:

  1. A person will pick up the phone, hear a dialtone, dial their number, and suddenly be speaking with someone making an outside call coming in.

This phenomena happened to me as I called into the clinic–I heard a pause, some dialing sounds, then a person inside the clinic confused as they thought they were talking to the person they called, not me.

In short, the phone does not appear to respect the dialtone–it will simply route in a call even if the phone is off the hook.

  1. A person checks the common voicemail. It’s reported that the voicemail will be fine for awhile but then get into a weird “prompt loop.” For example:

(Voicemail message) “Hi this is Josh…To delete this message, press seven to save
it, press 9…”

What causes these behaviors and how does one solve it?

I don’t know those phones, it could possibly be a firmware bug…

More likely, it’s something odd with the trunk setup, such as more than one call set on an analog line so the system in not counting a trunk as busy when it is already handling a call?

A log dump may help.

Sounds like it could be “glare.” If you are using a PRI and outbound Zap channel g0, try changing it to Zap channel G0. As I understand it, the capital “G” tells the PRI to make outbound calls starting with the last channel and work down.

But what would one consider “Latest Stable” of tb?


LOL, Robert, that was the last stable one for me.

I second that. 2.2.x was the last stable, fully functional copy they produced.

I don’t consider a broken fax or missing mp3 support sable in 2.4, and let’s not go down the 2.6 road…