Cronmanager error

Should i worry about this error?

Error Cronmanager encountered 1 Errors
Delete thisIgnore this
The following commands failed with the listed error
/var/lib/asterisk/bin/module_admin listonline (1)
Added 2 weeks, 4 hours, 30 minutes ago

Hard to say, was your network working properly “2 weeks, 4 hours, 30 minutes ago” ?

thats a good point. I deleted it to see if it reappears.
about that time i was aimlessly browsing files in the area to grasp over all uderstanding of the system. I may have changed somthing and quickly reverted back to default.

Well Jeff, this post was my best laugh of the night.

Remember when you Mother caught you screwing with something and you told her “I was just looking”?

If you were browsing a file, how did you change it?

If you were browsing in an editor with root privileges then commited your changes, well I will let you bust your own chops.

The coup d’etat was coming asking for help on a system that you did not even tell us the Operating System, version or whatever and actually expected a cogent answer.

I think they left the monkey cage open.

Ooops I could not help myself.

As of now I’m laughing with you.