Cron problems:/ [solved]


I’m a linux newbie, and have some problems making cron jobs work.
I try to run script (found on this forum) via cron and it seems its running, but it only creates empty mp3 files.
If i run that script “by hand” it runs perfectly.
Also I installed asternic call center stats, and it works fine, when i run script parselog.php by hand, and it doesnt work when i cron it.
Cron runs freepbx-cron-sheduler.php perfectly every 52 minutes, so i thought ill add that “faulty” cron jobs as asterisk user - no effect - cron still runs freepbx-cron-sheduller.php, and doesn even try tu run mine scripts…

Anyone have an idea what i’m doing wrong?
BTW. almost memorized cron man, wiki page and few other sources… I dont have a slightest idea whats wrong.
I’m using Freepbx 2.9 on asterisk now 1.7

Thanks in advance for help