Cromanager encountered 1 Errors

I’m setting up a new install and on the FreePBX notices I’m getting:

In white-on-orange with a red exclamation mark:

INSERT INTO notifications (module, id, level, display_text, extended_text, link, reset, candelete, timestamp) VALUES ('freepbx', 'NOEMAIL', 600, 'No email address for online update checks', 'You are automatically checking for online updates

And below that:

Cronmanaged encountered 1 Errors The following commands failed with the listed error /var/lib/asterisk/bin/module_admin listonline (255) Added 8 hours, 35 minutes ago (cron_manager.EXECFAIL)

I have fixed the problem of not having specified an email address, but I want to know why an error was thrown up when it tried to run that that SQL statement. Any ideas?