CRM Rest API Question


I have a client that uses a 3rd party analytic provider which needs to know when a call is started, stopped, and the email associated with the extension. When looking at the FreePBX CRM it seems like this functionality is available within “Generic API” section, however, in the API settings I don’t see anywhere where to put in a URL for the analytic provider.

I see the option to “send webhooks” at the “start and end” of a call, which is great and seems like just what I need.

Is this functionality supported or am I missing something?

Thank you!

You need to be specific on one end or the other. Tell us what you have for an interface (not who the provider is, just what they are looking for) and one of us should be able to help you flesh out what the webhook call needs to look like.

The CRM module is set up to do precisely what you are trying to do, so I’m sure that we can help you get this going.

So this is what their analytic provider wants to happen:

Call starts, API request is sent to:[email protected]&token=ANALYTICAPITOKEN

Call stops, API request is sent to:[email protected]&token=ANALYTICAPITOKEN

The provider wants a different request sent to a URL based the start and stop of a call.

Is this what you are looking for?

Thank you for the help so far, I appreciate it.

Yeah - I’m sure one of the CRM gurus should log in here shortly. @tm1000 or @lgaetz might even be able to point you at a Wiki page that explains all of this.

If the Wiki isn’t complete, I’m sure edits would be more than welcome. :slight_smile:

I was looking over the wiki again and I couldn’t find much on this. Does anyone know what I need to do to accomplish this?

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