CRM module's REST API not working

This is an attempt at trying to send a support request to Sangoma, which unfortunately failed badly, because I simply didn’t understand the process …!! :stuck_out_tongue:

_"Howdy, I just bought the CRM module on behalf of my employer, with the sole intent of having access to the HTTP REST based API to integrate our own code towards it. We’re building a CRM system ourselves, and would like to have access to historical phone calls and such, to allow for easy integration towards FreePBX from our own system. Unfortunately, as I create an HTTP REST request towards the API of my FreePBX server, it returns an empty array, even though I definitely have calls in my CDR history, which I would expect to show up in the returned JSON from the CRM module. Notice, it does NOT return an error, simply a ‘no result’ return value …

Since the REST API was the only reason why we chose to purchase the module in the first place, and the only feature we need, this is obviously crucial for me to get help with some way. I’ve tried creating a request using ‘Postman’, and it returns a JSON object, with an empty list, as I query it for calls history using the following URL api/sangomacrm/rest/calls/list.

Please advice, and have a nice day :slight_smile:


If anybody else out there have experienced similar issues, or might have some ideas about how to fix this, I would appreciate it … :slight_smile:

REST has to be enabled under settings to log.
The API only has access to logged calls and does not access the CDR

If you would like it to do CDR stuff you may open a commercial feature request.

Thx James, I have enabled the REST API, and I have placed outgoing calls after enabling it, and it still doesn’t show up when I create a request with Postman (allows me to create HTTP requests).

Notice, the HTTP request doesn’t fail, it simply returns an “empty array” with “status” being true and “data” being [] (empty JSON array).

I place my request towards [FreePBX-box-ip-address]/admin/api/sangomacrm/rest/calls/list

I would expect it to at least return the calls I placed after I enabled it, right …?

BTW, only returning the calls that were placed after enabling the API is OK for my use case …

Assuming all configurations are correct yes.
My advice would be to open a commercial module ticket at

They can review the settings and see if anything is not working as expected.

Thx James, unfortunately I have tried to create a support request now since last week without success. It won’t allow me to ask for support unless I have “claimed a product”. Last week I did “claim” the product, by typing in the serial number, but it doesn’t show up in my “Product Claims/Accepted Claims”, and when I try to type in the serial number on the support page, it won’t allow me to. Today I tried to claim the product again, at which point it said “Product has already been claimed”, even though the product doesn’t show up on my list of “accepted claims”.

For the record, if somebody from Sangoma is reading this, the process of getting support for a product one have already paid for, is quite frankly ridiculous. The complex process of getting support is almost enough for me to not being able to recommend anything from this company to anyone i know …

And even though I have done everything the documentation for the CRM module tells me to do to enable API access over HTTP REST based services, and I have rebooted my server several times, and I have made call to my Asterisk central after having both enabled the API and rebooted, it still returns nothing. Unless this is resolved, or somebody from Sangoma gives me confidence in that they’ll be able to resolve it for me somehow ASAP, I’ll have to advice my manager to reclaim the money, since we clearly haven’t had what we ordered …


Sorry, I don’t mean to take it out on you guys, you’re amazing, but hopefully somebody from Sangoma is reading this. Simply sending them an email seems to be impossible …!!

No idea what’s going on, but if you open a ticket of type “Customer Service & Billing” explaining your issues with claiming a product, they should be able to resolve.

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