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CRM modules (json files.)

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(NorColorNorName) #1

Hello there,

Today with a fresh install of my freepbx server with the “HISTORICAL” one.

I’m trying to understand the how the “Customer Relationship Management Module” commercial module work with the REST API

Can someone explain me, what the .json files are for?

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any information on the operation of this module will be useful! thanks in advance.

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

That only converts the json output from the API returned data into easily readable format for testing. You don’t need or want that for production.

(NorColorNorName) #3

@lgaetz Thank you for your reply.

I see that the module return array of calls/records and many informations about reports.

But my task is that my FreePBX server send by itself thoses informations.
As an example : each time call is ended my serv send with a POST or curl or whatever protocol, all informations of this call to an other server.

Is it possible with CRM module ? Or i need something else?