CRM Module to Zoho

My sangoma crm api is connected to Zoho but no data is flowing into Zoho. In the logfiles for the CRM I see the following:

There aren’t many actual CRM/Zoho settings but it doesn’t seem that Zoho likes the data being sent.

[2021-Mar-02 12:37:13] [sangomacrm.DEBUG]: ZOHO: HTTP Get Request URL="users?type=ActiveUsers" [] []
[2021-Mar-02 12:37:13] [sangomacrm.DEBUG]: ZOHO: HTTP Get Received Response={"code":"INVALID_TOKEN","details":[],"message":"invalid oauth token","status":"error"} [] []
[2021-Mar-02 12:37:15] [sangomacrm.DEBUG]: ZOHO: HTTP Post Request URL="Calls" [] []
[2021-Mar-02 12:37:15] [sangomacrm.DEBUG]: ZOHO: HTTP Post Data={"data":[{"Call_Duration":"1:27","Owner":{"id":false},"Subject":"Inbound call from 15198207463 15198207463","Call_Status":"Completed","Description":"PBXUID:1614706459.4034","Call_Type":"Inbound","Call_Disposition":"ANSWERED","Call_Result":"ANSWERED","Call_Start_Time":"2021-03-02T17:35:42+00:00"}]} [] []
[2021-Mar-02 12:37:15] [sangomacrm.DEBUG]: ZOHO: HTTP Post Received Response={"data":[{"code":"INVALID_DATA","details":{"expected_data_type":"long","api_name":"id","parent_api_name":"Owner"},"message":"invalid data","status":"error"}]} [] []

HI Mark

Upgrade to the current edge version (15.0.21) and if issue persists, open a support ticket:

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Roger that. I’m at and there was no edge available so I went ahead and put in the ticket. Thank you

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