CRM Integration "extension not in dialplan"

Hi everyone,

I am currently evaluating freepbx as a replacement for our “askozia” pbx system, since the company was just recently bought by 3CX.
I am really happy about the sheer amount of possibilites that freepbx offers and am coming along very well so far.

I am not completely new to asterisk, but till now I never really had to dig deeper than the web interface or the asterisk cli.
Right now I am trying to connect our odoo crm to freepbx. This is a core functionality that we use with our current pbx.
Our crm uses the akretion telephony plugin (which I am not allowed to post a Link to :wink: )

I can identify incoming calls already and see customer Information as soon as I take the call.
However, I can not use the click2dial feature hence not originate calls.
The ami returns the error message “extension doesn’t exist”.

From what I understand, this has to do with the context that I try to use.
The former context was in the style of “CFE-XXXXXX-frominternalandexternal”.
I figured out, that I can view the dialplan with “dialplan show” from the asterisk cli and found my own extension in the context “ext-local”.
Here is a screenshot for reference:

Now, when I use “ext-local” als the context to be used by the connector, the error message remains the same.

Is there a good way to narrow down the reason for this error message?
I am trying to avoid digging into textbooks etc. at this early stage, but understand that I surely have to, once I decide to go with freepbx.

Thanks a lot!

Try using “from-internal” instead of “ext-local”.

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Hi Dave and thank you for your quick answer!

This was so obvious, it nearly hurt. :laughing:

I have now changed the context to “from-internal”. This causes the Error message to change to " originate failed".

A quick view to the log files showed some more random stupidity. I had the extension configured using pjsip, which didn’t work.
Now everything works as expected.

Thanks a ton! :slight_smile: