have any question.
i add a line to crm-hangup in extensions_additional.conf and it works fine - after some reloads there is the old one loaded.

i know that is not the custom file - but where i must write the custom context, cause there is a include => crm-hangup-custom

but in which file i must write this custom context?

Many Thanks for ur Answer!!!

Hi @GregsW:

No help by PM, I’m making your message public.

You can’t use the custom include for your purpose. If you wish to alter a generated block of dialplan, you copy it into the file extensions_override_freepbx.conf and make your desired changes, then reload with fwconsole r.

I personally only ever do this when there is absolutely no other way to achieve my goal. What are you trying to do, there is probably a better way?

hi again,

makin’ public is ok.

i’ve many different context in extensions_custom.conf if u mean it.

What i want is a “missed Call email” in a queue. found many explains but nothing with freepbx …
want to do something like this
exten => s,n,ExecIf($[${LEN(${CRM_VOICEMAIL})} <= 0]?System(echo ‘Missed Call from ${CALLERID(name)} Nummer:+ ${CALLERID(number)}’ | mail -s ‘Missed Call’ ‘[email protected]’))

and that on the hangup in a crm

Anything without an _custom is likely to be overwritten.
The best way to do this honestly is a module then it will hold across the board and should work with updates.

An example

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