CRM dependent on Zulu dependent on SMS

Hi there,

This isn’t very important, but something that bugs me every once in a while.

I follow the rule that modules shouldn’t be deleted and should only be disabled, as someone else suggested on the forum.
So I went ahead and deactivated most modules that are commercial license. (Except for the ones I’m using such as Endpoint Manager)
The main reason I did this was that zulu service was causing issues with something I can’t remember.

All is good, except when it comes to updates.
The update lists CRM as a possible update, so when I try to just run all updates the CRM will come into the update list.
However, since CRM is dependent on Zulu which is disabled, it wouldn’t update.
The update itself goes OK but every time this warning comes up that I can’t update CRM, which is a little annoying.

If I want to update this, I’ll have to do the following:

  1. Enable Zulu and hit Process
  2. Enable SMS and hit Process
  3. Click Check Online
  4. Click Upgrade All and hit Process (which still keeps CRM disabled)
  5. Disable SMS
  6. Disable Zulu
  7. Hit Apply Changes

I’d rather not do this, but since I don’t like the warning to come up I occasionally go through the 7 steps above.
Is there a way to upgrade the module without going through the enable/disable process, or is there a way to suppress disabled update notification?

Do you have a need for CRM?


No, I don’t need CRM. But as I’ve written above, I found a post where it was advised that modules should be disabled and not removed, so I just followed that advice.
And I do understand the point; it will be difficult to provide support if users removed a bunch of modules and started getting errors. It would be best to leave the default in place but just disable them.

You should just remove them

A disabled module is the same as if you removed it. Except it will alert you to updates. Just remove them.


Thank you for your advice. It looks like the advice I saw wasn’t correct then.
I removed all the commercial modules (Except for Endpoint Manager and SysAdmin), and will see how it goes.
Thank you again.

Its probably just old advice. In the past you disabled modules so that the upgrade script wouldn’t go back and installall them but things work differently now in 14+

This is kind of a different issue, but since it resulted from removing the commercial modules I’ll write this here.

I’ve removed the commercial modules and everything was looking good, but when I went into Module Admin and hit “Upgrade all” it re-enabled all the commercial modules again.
If the modules are removed, I would assume that the user would like to have these modules stay “Removed” when upgrading all other modules.

I know I can pick one-by-one and upgrade each modules, but it will be tedious if I have to do it on every update.
Is there a better way to handle this?

That’s not how it works in Module Admin GUI.

Use the CLI. fwconsole ma upgradeall


Thank you very much for your kind notice; I’ll use the CLI for the time being.
I do however believe changing how it works in the Module Admin GUI would be better for most users though.
It would be like running the “System Updates” tab will install back all the previously uninstalled packages.

Just 2 cents, best wishes.

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