CRM commercial Module with Insurance software

We have a customer who has AMS360. If the customer is in that system, they want it to pull up in their software automatically when the phone rings from that number. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I have not done what you are asking, but here are some leads:

Depending on the software, this could be a starting point. Needs Zulu (can be the softphone, or just there to trigger while the physical phone rings) to trigger the event on the specific computer.

Some of these might work too (you’d have to research):

I am pretty sure we need an API setup to it pulls in the software

I’m in the process of “refreshing” a setup like this for one of my clients.

There are two parts to the process:

  1. You need to have something on the CRM/AMS360 side that will pop up into a specific client record from an incoming request. There are a ton of ways to do this, but it’s going to be something specific to your CRM system.
  2. Add in one of the PBX “notifier” programs that are out there. SangomaCRM is one (it includes the Zulu module - with no endpoints - that @comtech was talking about. You could also go with one of the other “CRM Interfaces”.

In most of these interfaces, a specialized AGI script is used as a notifier to the CRM system to (among other things) pop notifications on the screen, populate “lead” records, establish new client account records, etc. The AGI script is going to run on your phone system, but it will have to push whatever your CRM is looking for to make whatever you want to happen happen.

Have you reached out to the CRM vendor to see if they have an Asterisk interface? If so, you should start with that (since it’s probably tailored to the common use you’re describing).

If they don’t have a specific Asterisk/FreePBX interface, you can probably start with whatever “pop-up” interface they are using and use one of the open-source modules to instantiate it. Note that SangomaCRM has an “all others” options for interfacing FreePBX to “other” CRM systems, so understanding what it provides might give you some ideas how to start your process.

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I am waiting on the customer to provide that information. How do you get that script?

The SangomaCRM software is available from the Sangoma Portal.

There are more “roll your own” solutions that are going to involve download things like the Asterisk interface AGI program, many of which are available on GitHub and SourceForge. There are also consulting companies out there that will do this for a fee - search Google for “Vtiger Asterisk Integration”. Don’t get too wrapped around the axle on the vtiger part, you’ll be looking for the “paid” ads at the top to find integrators that write the AGI part.

As soon as you have the interface specifications, you should be able to start doing the integration.

Now, as a thought experiment, you could look at adding the “connector” in the Hooking for fun and income method and connecting the AGI through these hooks instead of using the “standard” way of doing it (early connections through extensions.conf).

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