Critical- recovering asterisk/freepbx

i was following some guides on upgrading php and for some reason YUM deleted itself and a sudo folder??
i was originally running 1.6ast on 2.10pbx but had just followed upgrading to 1.8ast and the 2.11pbx but needed php 55 for dhadi upgrading past 2.8

ive tried to find the distro that is built on my cent5.9 with 2.10 and 1.6 but it seams to be MIA? ive downloaded all the distros (whats the differance between i386 and x86_64?)
and dont see anyhting close?

i found a cent5.8 with 2.10 but my restore always gives me raw code and the html/php windows go away. no matter what distro i use??

newer distros say the install but dont always work. im doing the same thing on 3 servers at the same time because this is critical but all this crap seams so hokey-pokey-fly-by-night i have one distro (6.2cent) and it says its posted at but the webpage is unavailable? yet it pings. other distros dont even find hard discs? and none of them work after i upload my save.

please help

Your message doesn’t make any sense. Please slow down and try again.

i went to schmoozecom and just paid them for support, they stayed past 5pm, i was able to buy support by the hour, they logged in imediately and didnt give me grief, it was more then worth the $450 for 3 hours to me.

i had used several people from odesk and got piss-poor results, and the backup the odesk people gave me was partly corrupt and incomplete. robert and matt from schmooze went into my old server and recoverd golden files.

id invite them both to stay sunday-thursday @ my resort in desert hot springs, not sure if they would even find a post in this forum though, but if they do please call me.
-justin kohutiak
miracle springs spa and resort.

Thanks for the kind words for the company.

i was in panic mode on the first post…
there was alot of custom programming for my channelbanks.

what a lesson. atleast my system is bulletproof now.

Glad to be of service Justin and thanks for the kind words.

Maybe Justin would like to host an OTTS…but…we might have a hard time getting to class!



We’ve added Vegas to our list of “approved” training venues, and have a session coming up soon if you need to challenge yourself.