Critical Error after upgrade - arimanager


Discovered I was way behind on updates. I was running 6.12.65-17; needed to get up to 10.13.66-1. I performed the sequential updates using the CLI, Upgrades went smoothly until the last (up to the latest stable release). There I had several warnings about modules that weren’t available with v11 (which I was running) so the were skipped. In particular it attempted to install ARIMANAGER at least 6 times.

After upgrades were completed and reboot, I went into the browser front end and saw a "Critical Error referencing a disabled module (ARIMANAGER). But that module isn’t showing under Module Admin. A web search indicated that was replaced my User Control Manager, which is running and is up to date. Just to get everything current I went ahead and ran ASTERISK-VERSION-SWITCH to switch over to version 13. But even so I’m at the same state. The Dashboard shows the same critical error, and even gives me a link to Module admin. But that module still isn’t showing. Does it need to be reinstalled? Or is there any way I can remove the error message on the Dashboard, if that module isn’t required?

Thank you!

Perhaps you could post a screenshot of the error?


Sure. Sorry figured this was probably a common issue, so I didn’t want to include to much. But here’s the error I see in the dashboard…

Shoot it won’t allow me to paste in an image or screenshot (and I don’t see a way to insert an html tag either). Sorry for a dumb question but - could you please tell me how I can insert a screenshot? Maybe I haven’t posted enough questions or responses here yet???

Please disregard. After the system has been up about 90 minutes, the error appears to have been cleared from the dashboard. Guess I should have waited a bit longer - thanks again for your assistance!

Please re-regard :slight_smile: Issue came back after I refreshed. Apparently I told it to ignore the message, but that only applies for the current session. Still haven’t figured out how to attach a screenshot.

Thanks again!